1. What kind of services do you offer?

We deliver lunch, dinner, and hors d’oeuvre menus for 10 or more in NYC. For certain events, we also offer full service catering and event coordination services.

2. How does the food arrive? What is included with my order?

We deliver our food hot and ready-to- enjoy in compostable wares with serving utensils for buffet service. We also include compostable dining plates, forks, and napkins as well as dish description cards featuring dietary notes and our chefs.

Your delivery person will set up your buffet like this:

3. When will my delivery arrive?

You can specify your desired order time.  Please allow a 15-minute delivery window to account for unforeseen traffic.  
Generally, we recommend selecting a delivery time 30 minutes before you would like to begin dining.  (For finger food menus, we generally arrive 60 minutes early to plate on-site.)

4. How will my delivery arrive?

The delivery will arrive hot and ready-to-enjoy in an insulated bag.  Because we generally use hand-held bags, we are often able to deliver via the main elevators (as opposed to freight elevator).  Our delivery person will set up your buffet as pictured above.  

5. Will the food stay warm? Can we reheat it?

If you’d like to ensure the dishes remain warm over an extended service period, you can opt for us to provide chafing racks & sternos at $10 per hot dish.  

Our delivery person will set up and light your chafing dishes for you on a buffet that will look like:  

And yes, all of our delivery wares are reheatable in the oven.  Our compostable wares are microwaveable (but not the aluminum chafing pans pictured above!)

6. Is there a delivery fee?

We charge a $40 fee for delivery and light setup ($30 for orders for 30 people or less).

7. How do I place my order?

Please visit our online ordering page here, where you’ll have plenty of options for customization.  We do request 2 days’ notice and will email you a confirmation/invoice once the order is processed.

8. What is your minimum/maximum order? Do you deliver individual meals?

We cook for 10 diners or more (up to 1,000+).  Our food is conducive to buffet service for groups (as well as inspired dinner conversation!), so we only deliver for groups.  (Or for individuals with a freezer! )

9. How much notice do you require for placing an order?

We request 2 days’ notice for orders.  But don’t hesitate to contact us for last-minute requests at [email protected] or 646.934.6287—we may be able to accommodate you!

(Please note that custom events require further advance notice.)

10. What is your delivery range?

We deliver all over Manhattan and to most parts of Brooklyn and Queens.

11. Do you have a restaurant?

We operate out of a commercial kitchen space, but do not have a brick-and-mortar restaurant.  Instead, we come to where you are!

12. Do you serve hors d’oeuvres or small plates?

Yes!  For standing events or light fare, you can order from our finger food hors d’oeuvre and/or small plate menus on our online form (menu coming soon).

13. Do you have desserts? Beverages?

Yes!  We offer some truly unique finger food desserts as well as waters and sodas. 

14. What if I have allergies / dietary constraints?

Many of our dishes are naturally accommodating to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, nut free, and/or lactose free.  

There is a place to note any allergies or dietary constraints on our online ordering form.

15. Is your food Halal? Kosher?

No.  Our kitchen and food are not certified Halal or Kosher. For some custom events, we are able to provide Halal or Kosher meats.

16. Do you do individually boxed meals?

Yes!  We can offer individually packaged meals for certain orders.  Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

17. Do you waive sales tax for tax-exempt organizations?

Of course!  On our order form, you can upload your tax exemption letter and we’ll waive sales tax.  

18. Do you offer custom event services?

We are happy to provide custom services; please contact Courtney at [email protected].

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