Hip Hop Saves Lives recently featured Eat Offbeat as its Hero Of the Week. A special part of this feature includes an entire track that was written about us! Check out the video and lyrics below:


I share, you share
We come from different places oh yea
But one thing is clear
We share the same situation oh dear
But they care they care
So while we’re here
No more adapting no fear
Everyone here we learn from each other
Everyone here’s concerned for each other

Land of opportunities, bringing opportunities
You know humanity, lemons to lemonade
Taste of their place they relate to the life culture,
And in every bite, dark world turn light
Situations places them, now they are going places
Talk to the recipes, stir positivity
Through their culinary, taste the delicacies through delivery
And dance to the beat
Saluting brave women, show them some loving
Ditches to dishes, sharing out the dishes, refugee to riches
Reminiscing in the kitchens…got money to pay the rent
Chasing dreams, with a scent
New beginnings, forget an end
And why I’m making pot-noise, it’s all making sense
Verse 2:

Refugees cook up a storm in New York
Offbeat open the door to import
Recipes under used from overseas
Everything left behind so we could be
We come from hurt so we won’t hurt
You ain’t got to be afraid
From our side of the earth
Family recipes is all i share
Want to know more but please don’t stare
Taste this oh
Please taste some of that
My grandma recipe fire yup facts
I can’t believe I’m over here cooking that
It feels so good for me to give back
To where I’m from
Come take a trip around the world
Let the taste on your buds unfurl
Discover something
From where you have never seen

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