Imagine lunch at Nasrin’s grandmother’s house. Everyday you open her apartment door to mouthwatering aromas, a table laden with your favorite foods and your entire family around that table, taking a midday break, telling stories and being enveloped in the nurturing embrace that sharing a meal with loved ones evokes. This is how Chef Nasrin learned to cook. Her grandmother and mother passed down traditional Iranian dishes that exploit and explode the flavors of local ingredients, warming body and soul for generations.

Though she learned to cook at home, Chef Nasrin is equally comfortable in a professional kitchen, having for many years managed and cooked in the cafe at a gym in her native Tehran. Nasrin has lived in the U.S. for nine months with her three children. Her favorite dish is Fesenjan which combines spring onion, meat, walnuts, pomegranate sauce, saffron and sugar.  You can order it here for your next company luncheon or event for a step back in time to Chef Nasrin’s grandmother’s kitchen.   

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