Discover authentic off-the-beaten path cuisines made by refugees, delivered to your door.

Eat Offbeat delivers authentic and home-style ethnic meals that are conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees resettled in NYC.

Why Eat Offbeat?

It's an adventure


Eat Offbeat introduces adventurous eaters to new “off-the-beaten path” cuisines through ready-to-heat artisan meals, delivered to their door.

It's convenient


Eat Offbeat delivers meals in ready-to-heat containers, easy to eat at home or pack and go.  Eat Offbeat prepares meals daily, using the freshest ingredients.

It's authentic


Our chefs have inherited centuries-old recipes. Eat Offbeat builds on their culinary heritage and home-cooking skills to provide you with an authentic “eat-like-a-local” experience.

It's impactful


By ordering from Eat Offbeat, you’re helping create opportunities for talented refugees resettled in the NY area, and contributing to making them feel valued and welcome.

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