Discover authentic off-the-beaten path cuisines made by refugees.

Eat Offbeat delivers authentic and home-style ethnic meals that are conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees resettled in NYC.

Wanderer's Trail ($15/person)

Edamame Salad (Vg, GF) Nepal Syria Flag

Nepali-Syrian salad with edamame beans, shredded cabbage, and tomatoes

Hummus & Pita (Vg, GF) Syria Flag

Chickpeas dip with lemon-garlic-tahini seasoning

Chari Curry (GF) Nepal 

Poached chicken in Nepali-spiced yogurt sauce

Red Rice (Vg, GF)  Syria Flag

Iraqi rice with tomato, fried onion, and almond


Sinbad's Trek ($17/person)

Sumac Salad (Vg, GF) Syria Flag

Iraqi salad of fresh cucumber and tomato with sumac dressing

Spinach Momos (V) Nepal

Nepali dumplings with spinach, cumin, and Paneer cheese

Chu La (GF) Nepal

Nepali curry of minced chicken, peas, and cilantro

Rooz (Vg, GF) 

Iranian rice with chickpea, dill, crisp potato, and toasted sesame

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Explorer's Delight ($20/person)

Katahar Salad (Vg) Nepal

Fried green jackfruit, soya, cucumber, and tomato

Fatayer (Vg, GF)  Syria Flag

Iraqi pie stuffed with chicken, mushrooms, and pomegranate molasses

Adas (V) 

Eritrean lentil purée with berbere spices

Chari Bari (GF) Nepal

Chicken meatballs in Nepali-spiced cashew sauce

Sour Cherry Pistachio Rice (Vg) 

Iranian sour cherry and pistachio rice with crisp pita

Shahrazad's Feast ($25/person)

Sumac Salad (Vg, GF) Syria Flag

Nepali salad with jackfruit, soya protein, cucumbers & tomatoes

Potato Kibbeh Syria Flag

Iraqi potato croquettes with beef and onion stuffing

Manchurian (Vg, GF) Nepal

Cauliflower fritters in Nepali-spiced sauce

Chicken Fesenjan (GF)  

Iranian stewed chicken with walnut, saffron, and pomegranate molasses

Vegetable Biriyani (Vg)  Iraq

Iraqi style cinnamon-scented rice biriyani with vermicelli, potato, pea, carrot, and raisin

Emperor's Banquet ($30/person)

Edamame Salad (Vg, GF) Syria Flag  Nepal

Nepali/Syrian salad with edamame bean, shredded cabbage, tomato, and mint

Mirza Ghasemi & Pita (V, GF) 

Persian charred eggplant dip with tomato, garlic, onion, and shirred egg

Spinach Momos (V) Nepal

Nepali dumplings with spinach, cumin, and Paneer cheese

Manchurian (Vg, GF)  Nepal

Cauliflower fritters in Nepali-spiced sauce

Chari Bari (GF) Nepal

Chicken meatballs in Nepali-spiced cashew sauce

Lamb Pulao (GF) Nepal

Basmati rice and Nepali-spiced lamb with fried onion, cashew, and raisin

They’ve shared our story …
… and loved our food

“The food was the hit of the party. And your company’s mission makes it taste even better.”

Alec, Birthday Party Host

“Your food is always on point and your delivery is hassle free, which is extremely important when hosting events like these, so thank you for your professionalism.”

Adam, NYU Center for Human Rights and Global Justice

“The order showed up early, which was much appreciated. We LOVED the food and people at the event gave us a lot of great feedback. People seemed especially excited to be supporting a business with a social mission. We hope to work with Eat Offbeat again for future events!”

Anita, Slalom

“We’d be happy just to support a great cause and eat awesome food, but working with such lovely people is definitely a bonus.”

Allegra, Idealist

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